TBR50: the first ten

July 10, 2017 § Leave a comment

Well. Perhaps deciding to read only books from your shelves is the same as what they say about dieting: as soon as you start thinking about it, you eat more.

I have now read ten books from the shelves. I started an additional two and abandoned them without hesitation and without guilt. But. Three review copies arrived; another two are on the way. Joanna Walsh’s Worlds from the Word’s End arrived from my And Other Stories subscription. And then I went to the library and discovered seven holds waiting for me. In addition, there are two inter-library loan books in French finally coming in, as well as two Larissa Behrendts books for indigenous literature week (yes, I am a bit behind). Oh, and I went camping and managed to read all of Jonathan Coe’s Number 11 at top speed, so was forced to find the nearest local bookshop, where I chose James Rebanks’s The Shepherd’s Life, which was wonderful and just what I needed. Reading Coe and Rebanks together was a fascinating picture–depressing with glimmers of hope, sometimes vice versa–of modern England.

It’s been fun, though. As an inveterate listmaker, I have of course queued up the next forty (ok, perhaps a few more than that) books in the order in which I’d like to read them. One of my pleasures each day is spending a few minutes rearranging them according to any changing priorities with reviews, work, and so on.

Books read so far:

  1. Kerry Clare, Mitzi Bytes
  2. Angela Readman, Don’t Try This At Home
  3. Adam Biles, Feeding Time
  4. Sylvia Townsend Warner: Lolly Willowes
  5. Roxane Gay, Difficult Women
  6. Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights
  7. Katie Kitamura, A Separation
  8. Georges Perec, Je suis né
  9. Jonathan Coe, Number Eleven
  10. James Rebanks, The Shepherding Life

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