CWILA 2012

July 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

Interesting takes in various places on the CWILA count. Jonathan Ball counted up his own reviews last week. My 2012 count, on a far more modest scale, is as follows: five reviews published in the Globe and Mail in 2012, three by female authors and two by male. One was Canadian, one American, one Australian and two from the UK (including Ian McEwan, demonstrating that reviews of big-name male writers can sometimes get assigned to unknown female book reviewers). I wrote my first review for the National Post last autumn, of a book by a Canadian woman.
Looking back over the blog numbers for 2012 only, I find (counting single or joint reviews, not brief mentions):
Canadian men: 2
Canadian women: 8
Non-Canadian men: 6
Non-Canadian women: 14
And then there’s my interview series (not including translators):
Canadian men: 4
Canadian women: 11
Non-Canadian men: 4
Non-Canadian women: 9
For someone who’s not even Canadian, there are certainly a lot of Canuck writers on my shelves. I felt sure my overall reading was much more evenly split between the sexes, so I counted up 2012 as well as 2013 so far. In 2013, I was surprised to discover, 75% of the novels and single-author short-story collections I read were written by women. In 2013, at present, the numbers are, incredibly, exactly fifty-fifty.

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