One Story

June 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

One Story is one of my new favourite things. You subscribe to the magazine, and then every three weeks or so you get a dinky little envelope in the post. It’s a joy all round: interesting post; and unlike other subscription periodicals, since this is only one story per magazine, it’s pretty difficult to get behind with your reading, so the pleasure at the interesting post is unalloyed (no guilt/obligation/desire to postpone the subscription). So far the stories have been pretty good. One thing I particularly like is that each writer can only publish with them once, so it doesn’t become cliquey and you can always discover someone new. I firmly believe short stories are meant to be read singly, although I frequently fail to act on those beliefs. Here, the format forces my hand.

This charmingly Victorian idea seems to be gaining hold. There’s Storyville, which I mentioned a while ago, which is going to be first app on my list if I ever get a gadget to read it on. Then there’s Open Letter, the translation press, which lets you sign up for six or twelve months of their new novels in translation. It’s an absolute bargain for what you get, and it’s on my Christmas list. Finally, there’s and other stories, which is a similar sort of idea but with more English-language fiction.

I’m sure there must be more. Is there–or is there room for–a single-story periodical in Canada? Are there other subscription publishers? The whole concept is delightful. I’d sign up for them all if I could.


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